Pragnya Meter Online Candidate Assessments

  • A first-of-its-kind Platform as a Service model assessment centre that enables recruiters and employers to create and deliver online competency assessments to candidates.
  • Highly effective method of shortlisting your candidates in an objective manner while reducing the time and effort involved in moving from initial screening to final onboarding of candidates.
  • A bank of over 5 Crore questions on 6000+ topics.
  • Flexibility to customize test patterns as required.
  • Rich in security and integrity features.
  • Also serves as a tool for HR practitioners in your organization to gauge employee competencies with a view to benchmark compensation.

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Save time and receive relevant responses using our intelligent filter technologies

Hire in scale

By automating processing of thousands of candidates and screening them better.

Hire objectively

By eliminating the bias involved in manual screening of candidates.

Cut hiring time and costs

By improving your time to hire while reducing cost per hire.

Onboard quality hires

By improving candidate quality and ensure better interview-to-hire ratios.