Resume Database Access

  • Comprehensive profiles with 40+ parameters captured during registration
  • Profiles with featured skill scores
  • Powerful Beta Search to help find exactly matched profiles

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What you get

Powerful searches to access a large database and easy options to connect with candidates.

Huge Database

  • A vast database of more than 30 million registered job seekers.
  • One of the fastest-growing candidate databases in India.
  • Identify more potential candidates by filtering them based on multiple parameters.

Powerful Searches

  • Search algorithms designed to help you find the best-matched profiles, in quick time.
  • Choose from Basic, Matched, Advanced and Beta searches.
  • Get recommended profiles on the basis of earlier saved searches.

Connect Easily

  • Easily reach out to chosen candidates through multiple channels.
  • Utilize bulk contact options for volume hiring requirements.
  • Use voice broadcasting facility to improve candidate response rates.

Intuitive Interface

  • Save and re-use searches from your search history.
  • Modify previous searches to filter results further.
  • Make and edit notes against profiles as they are processed for an opening.