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candidate is responsible for planning and reporting processes for the company across Middle East region where the company operates upon. It also entails providing assistance and support to brand teams, sales and logistics to enable better decision m...

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To provide strategic leadership and direction in identifying potential business development opportunities in the UAE market and GCC region at the same time promoting the image of the company and building relationships with both existing and potential...

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•To provide efficient, customized and personalized services overseeing a team of multiple disciplines including housekeepers, maids, gardeners, and others. •Accountable for operations of following areas within assigned Facilities: ?Kitchen and ...

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•Manage the kitchen and improve quality of service and food exceeding 5-star standards. •The Executive Chef is in charge of the kitchen. Everything that goes out of the kitchen is the responsibility of the Executive Chef in the eyes of the clien...

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�To ensure Client requirements for Facilities Services are properly met or exceeded in terms of quality, technical matters and budget constraints by running all aspects of service delivery, managing Client�s relationship and in-house teams,... lets you create free Job Alerts(max 5). We collect all the relevant jobs matching your set criteria and deliver them right in your inbox. To get started just fill out the form below:

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Wisdom free job alerts: Here’s how to get right jobs

Wisdom jobs job alerts are meant to provide related job opportunities to your resume submitted with us. Each job seeker get latest job notifications matching his/her profile details. Get the advantage of being an early applicant for the posted jobs. If you are looking for an IT job/Non IT job/govt job then you will be provided with matching alerts and free jobs based on your key skills and functional area.

Only related jobs posted in this week are sent to your registered email. Matching criteria to get free job notification is based on the information provided in your CV. As well as, you can also find similar jobs list in bottom of the mail by clicking on job alerts link. Update your profile frequently whenever you get salary hike or job changes to receive perfect job alerts on email.

How to setup a New job alert?

Get daily job notifications across industries, companies, locations and full time/part time other sources. Here you can setup job alerts in many ways. While, freejobalerts are designed by taking consideration of the job role, experience, functional area and resume headline mentioned in you profile. So, be specific while selecting the functional area to get relevant free alerts for the bright career. So, chose the closet job role or functional area to get customized free alerts matching your job profile. The other parameters like salary, total experience and current location play key role in finding free jobs on mobile. Wisdom jobs also sent similar jobs to the registered users based on the job role they have selected.

You can also set multiple job free alerts as per your key skills by adding relevant keywords in your resume. Follow companies to get best job notifications from your desired companies list for the relevant positions.

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29/04/2017 New Bank Jobs Alerts 80
29/04/2017 Free Govt Jobs Alerts 90
29/04/2017 Latest Railway Job Alert 50

Update your profile to get suitable job alerts:

If you find irrelevant jobs then, keep update your profile immediately with latest career information. It is important to add your current skills in your profile field to don’t miss the alerts for the relevant jobs. Usually free job alerts sent to you weekly twice by emails and SMS.

If you don’t find suitable job alerts then you have an opportunity to maximize your chances of getting matching job alerts. Find below to receive very relevant freejob alerts:

  • Update your profile now
  • Remove irrelevant skills
  • Mention your preferred location
  • Mention current designation

Here your preferred location is important to send matching job alert specific to your location. We consider your location in evaluating free jobs to send alert mails. As well as add specific designation related to your industry when you are seeking better career opportunities particular to that industry.