This Job is Expired


Operational Excellence:

Responsible for all aspects of hatchery operations under his control

Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in receiving and preparing eggs for incubation, incubating eggs, grading & preparing

Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures and protocols in setters and hatchers

Periodically inspect eggs in incubator trays to ascertain hatching progress, and orders removal of chicks.

Observe packing of chicks to verify adherence to different broiler farm plans and certification standards

Manage transportation of hatching eggs from Breeder Farms to the hatchery and delivery of DOCs to the locations as specified by the broiler farm operations team

Assign worker duties, for example egg candling, sorting and traying, incubating eggs, grading and vaccination

Ensure timely maintenance of facilities and equipment & coordinate maintenance programs

Communicate with purchase department and maintenance team for procurement & maintenance of Hatchery equipment respectively

Coordinate with Senior Manager - Hatchery Operations on equipment and supply needs, production and research requirements, and work schedules


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This Job is Expired


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills Decision making capabilities Team Management skills Proactive action to solve problems
    before hand Farm management skills and skills to analyse the root causes for a disease