Choose a plan that's right for you.

Know who viewed your profile

You can view the recruiters who viewed your profile and number of visits to your profile

Resume Highlight

Highlight your job application among top applicants

Be a priority applicant and get found by recruiters

Auto Apply

Auto apply to all suitable jobs matching your profile after immediate job posting

Be a featured job applicant for all fresh jobs posted

Boost your job application

Grab the attention of recruiters in preliminary screening

Standout as a priority applicant with our Resume Spotlight

Profile comparison

Unlimited profile comparisons with top profiles in your domain

Skill assessment tests

Take unlimited tests, showcase your skills and get certified on your CV

A certified resume have more chances of grabbing the attention of recruiters

Formatted Cover Letter

The Cover Letter gives the recruiter a look into in to the personality and abilities of the jobseeker

It also allows you to sell yourself to potential employer in a way that the resume format can’t convey

Optimized Text resume

Get a Text resume that professionally written by experts from your industry

Formatted resume impress recruiters and attain attention in first 6 seconds

Update your profile

Update your profile two times with recent skills and expertise

Recruiters look for updated profiles

Social Resume

Enhance your online presence with our perfect social resume that’ll help you standout

A well crafted social resume improves your networking and get the results you want

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