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CONTRACTOR shall provide and document
Quality services in the procurement

of equipment and material to be used
or installed during the construction and

installation of the facilities as
specified in the requirements of the Contract

11 Requisitions

CONTRACTOR shall not release
requisitions for purchase of equipment

or material prior to COMPANYs
approval of the Quality Plan unless

specifically approved in writing by
the Company Representative

12 Supplier and Sub-Supplier

121 Except as provided in Paragraph
126 of this Attachment Ill to

Schedule Q , for all
equipment and materials for which inspection

requirements are specified on SAUDI
ARAMCO in SAER 1972,

CONTRACTOR shall prequalify each
manufacturer and its

specific manufacturing site as
described in 122 through 125 of

this Attachment Ill Evidence of the
prequalification shall be

provided to COMPANY for its review and
concurrence at least two

weeks prior to placement of the
purchase order

122 CONTRACTOR shall evaluate
suppliers capabilities to meet the

technical, quality and schedule
requirements of the WORK Such

evaluation shall include technical
review of products to ensure

compliance with applicable COMPANY
standards Results of

such supplier evaluations shall be
subject to COMPANY approval

123 CONTRACTOR shall evaluate
suppliers Quality System, which

shall meet ISO 9001 system
requirements Reliance solely on

certification to ISO 9001 is
unacceptable CONTRACTORs prior

audits findings are considered current
if completed within 24-

months prior to the proposed equipment
purchase and do not

include any major technical or quality


CONTRACTOR shall complete a physical survey of proposed

for any equipment requiring an inspection level of 2, 3,

4 as specified in SAER-1972 CONTRACTOR supplier

shall, at a minimum, be carried out by a certified lead

per the requirements of Attachment I to this Schedule Q

a technical expert for the equipment under consideration


125 CONTRACTOR shall notify COMPANY
at least two weeks ahead

of all planned supplier surveys

126 Quality System evaluations are
not required for

a) Suppliers currently on the
Regulated Vendors List

referenced by Saudi Aramco Engineering
Standards; and

b) Suppliers currently listed on
COMPANYs list of

manufactures for lnspectable Items

The current versions of these lists
will be made available to

CONTRACTOR by COMPANY upon written
request from

CONTRACTOR to the Company


21 CONTRACTOR shall review and ensure
the quality of all requisitions prior

to submittal for COMPANY review,
including all technical and quality

requirements specified in Schedule

22 CONTRACTOR shall review its
suppliers sub-orders to ensure that all

relevant COMPANY technical and
inspection requirements are passed on

to sub-suppliers

23 CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all
suppliers and manufacturers of

inspectable equipment and material
have and maintain acceptable Quality

programs in accordance with the
IS0-9001 quality standard

24 CONTRACTOR shall complete and
submit a weekly inspectionfabrication

status report to the Company Representative
in an electronic format

acceptable to COMPANY The report
shall include, as a minimum, the

following information for each
purchase order

241 Purchase Order Number (include

number) and Date

242 Material Description

243 Vendor Name and Location

244 Major Sub-vendor(s) Name and

245 Inspection Assignment Package
submittal date as specified in

Paragraph 3151 of this Attachment

246 Level of Inspection as specified
in SAER-1972

247 Pre-inspection Meeting Date

248 Fabrication Start Date and
progress (percent complete) to date

inclusive of major suborders

249 Scheduled and Forecast Delivery

241 0 Inspector and Agency
(qualified as specified in Attachment I of

Schedule Q )

2411 Special Process Procedures
(approved as specified in Paragraph

311 of this Attachment Ill)

2412 Open and Closed NCRs

2413 Closeout Date

2414 Disposition Report submittal

25 COMPANY shall have access to all
purchase order inspection report files

Contractor shall include a clause in
their Purchase Orders that COMPANY

(or their designee) has the right to
access manufacturers facilities and

suborder locations


31 CONTRACTOR shall maintain an
effective system for continuity of order

identification that ensures drawings,
specifications, and inspection

requirements are properly transmitted
to suppliers at all tiers of order


32 CONTRACTOR or its COMPANY approved
third party inspector shall

perform Quality activities at the
supplier and sub-supplier locations as

required by the applicable Form SA-175
and the inspection level assigned

for the materials and equipment
identified in SAER-1972 Inspection

Requirements Subject to COMPANY
approval, CONTRACTOR may

change the assigned level of
inspection during the course of the work as a

result of supplier performance

33 CONTRACTOR shall submit each week
a two-week look-ahead schedule

of all planned vendor inspections and
tests as specified in the approved

vendor I&TP per the applicable
SA-175 The schedule shall be sent

electronically in a format acceptable

34 CONTRACTOR shall bring to the
attention of COMPANY any equipment

items not identified in SAER 1972 and
COMPANY shall assign the

appropriate inspection level

35 If CONTRACTOR delegates any
purchase of material to its

subcontractor(s), Inspection Levels in
SAER 1972 shall apply

CONTRACTOR is responsible that
Attachment Ill of this Schedule Q is

implemented and all documents are
reviewed by the CONTRACTOR prior

to the submittal for COMPANY review

36 When vendor performance does not
meet the specified requirements in

the purchase order, CONTRACTOR shall
increase the inspection level to

the next highest leve for the purchase
order without additional cost to


37 CONTRACTOR shall submit detailed
vendor(s) Inspection and Test Plans

(ITPs) in accordance with paragraph
310 of this Attachment for all

equipment and materials assigned a
level 2, 3, or 4 in SAER-1972, and for

any other equipment deemed necessary

38 CONTRACTOR shall review all
applicable COMPANY Quality

requirements and include appropriate
Quality requirements in the ITPs

Each ITP shall identify, as a minimum
the inspection level and detail all

witness, hold and certification review
points as specified in the COMPANY

Form175 (Inspection Requirements)

39 CONTRACTOR shall prepare a Special
SA Form 175 for approval by the

Company Representative

391 If no existing form 175 is
applicable to the equipment

392 For changes to the existing form

310 As a minimum, each vendor ITP
shall include the following information

31 01 Process description

31 02 Quality control requirements

31 03 Notification requirements for
supplier inspection witness and hold

points (minimum 5 working days)

31 04 Minimum Inspection Levels per
SAER-1972 andor Attachment VI

of this Schedule Q

31 05 Responsibility for

31 06 Applicable procedures

31 0 7 Acceptance criteria (COMPANY
and International Industry


31 08 Verifying documents

3109 Inspection points (Hold,
Witness & Review) by CONTRACTOR

31010 COMPANY Dummy PO number

31011 Reference to sub-supplier ITP
(as applicable)

311 When required by COMPANYs
standards, CONTRACTOR shall submit

for COMPANYs review and approval all
supplier procedures for refractory

installation, welding, welding repair,
heat treatment, and alloy verification

(PM I) as applicable, no later than 30
days prior to the start of the specific

work activity

312 Supplier and sub supplier
personnel for Positive Material Identification and

welding shall be qualified as
specified by COMPANYs Standards and

Attachment I of this Schedule
Q CONTRACTOR shall review and

approve such qualifications prior to
the start of manufacturing

313 The qualification and
certification of Nondestructive Testing (NOT)

personnel shall be in accordance with
a nationally recognized program as

listed in SAEP-1142 All suppliers
and sub suppliers NOT personnel

qualification and certification
programs as well as all NOT procedures shall

be reviewed against the International
and Company requirements and

approved by the Company approved

Level Ill prior to commencements of
any NOT operation Copies of

approved procedures shall be submitted

314 CONTRACTOR shall make supplier
and sub-supplier NOT personnel

records and Welder Qualification
Records available to the Company

Representative on request

315 CONTRACTOR shall compile and
forward to the Company

Representative no later than
twenty-one (21) calendar days prior to the

pre-inspection meeting and start of
any fabrication, either at the prime

supplier or a major sub-supplier, one
electronic version on compact disc

(CD) of the CONTRACTORs Inspection Assignment
Package, and

forward to COMPANY one complete set
via e-mail For Inspection Level

1, CONTRACTOR shall submit the
Inspection Assignment Package

fourteen (14) days before final

Profile Summary

Type:Company Job

Eligibility:High School or Equivalent, Diploma

Role:Other Marketing


Function:Sales/ Business Development
Marketing & Communications

Deadline:07th Oct 2024

Company Profile

The independent ownership and management of CTSA has provided qualified consultingpersonnel to the Energy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Utilities (Generation, Distribution, Treatment),Construction, and Offshore Industries for over nineteen years.CTSA is committed to providing the most efficient, reliable, and competent consulting services withtotal customer satisfaction remaining at the forefront of the CTSA mission. All CTSA personnel arerequired to fully understand the client’s needs and respond in a professionally competent andexpeditious manner. To assure and maintain competent consulting services, CTSA has an ongoingemphasis on upgrading personnel qualifications through training, continuing education,maintenance of current technical or industry certifications, and obtaining new certifications asmandated by client requirements.CTSA personnel work closely with the client’s management to assure that all project requirementsand objectives are met. CTSA personnel assure that the customer receives quality products thatare fit for purpose, reduce the risk of schedule delays, and cost overruns on multi-million dollarcapital equipment or refurbishment projects. With measurable results, our clients consistently useindependent inspection, expediting, quality control, engineering, and project managementconsulting services to achieve desired goals.